Windows 10 now available on Steam Deck


The Windows 10 operating system can now be run on Valve‘s handheld gaming computer the Steam Deck.

Valve has released has just released the all-important GPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers for the handheld device and gamers will just need to download the game of their choice and play.

Importantly, you’ll need to wipe a Steam Deck to do this, there’s no dual-boot yet, and Valve says you can only install Windows 10 since the Steam Deck’s current BIOS apparently doesn’t include firmware TPM support (which Microsoft infamously requires for Windows 11).

Also, your speakers and headphone jack won’t work because there are no audio drivers yet. Bluetooth or USB-C audio are both options for now.

You can find Valve’s Windows on Deck page right here — and the Steam Deck Recovery Instructions right here in case you screw up or run into one of the Deck’s unfortunate bugs. “To get to the boot menu, power down. Then, while holding Volume Down, click the power button,” writes Valve.

For those still hoping for exclusives on the Steam Deck, Valve has reiterated that the company has no plans to develop any exclusive games for the device.

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