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Team Captains must check-in 10 minutes before play starts when the team is ready. This should be done via the relevant Team WAMBA Discord server tournament channel.  Teams who do not check-in 5 minutes ahead of start time cannot be guaranteed a game.

The Tournament schedule will be communicated to team captains in advance.

A designated host will be allocated each evening and they will be responsible for starting a lobby.

Team captains are responsible for ensuring their team are ready.

Team captains are required to take at least one photo of the score each. This photo should contain: the score and the Activision ID’s.

If all teams are ready, play can start before the scheduled time however additional in-play breaks will not be permitted in-game.

Each team has to register with MAMO Gaming in order to participate, this can be coordinated by a team captain.  Companies will be allowed to substitute players but these must be communicated in advance.

When an online tournament is organised for teams, only the main player needs to register for the tournament but they then assume captaincy and responsibility for the rest of their team.  Captaincy can be transferred at a later date

The exact tournament format will be dictated by the number of teams entering and will be communicated to all teams in advance.

The organiser reserves the right to add or remove players or teams throughout the tournament.

Collusion with other teams, including but not limited to disclosing other players locations who you may be spectating shall be deemed as a serious offence and may lead to disqualification.

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September 30, 2022, 12:00 PM


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    Cross platform


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    Call of Duty Warzone
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    Best of 3
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A round will see company teams of 4 players playing against each other.

There is 3 Rounds’ per evening

Round 1 is Battle Royale Most Kills,

Round 2 is Plunder

Round 3 is Battle Royale Survival.

During the league points will be awarded based on the number of teams involved i.e. if there is 15 teams involved, first place will gain 15 points, second will gain 14, 3rd will gain 13 points and so on.

League Points will be allocated depending on the numbers of teams involved and maximum points will be awarded to the team with most kills in Round 1,  for Plunder it will be the team with the most cash and top placement in the Battle Royale Survival.

Scores will be weighted to ensure equitable points distribution across all groups regardless of lobby size.

The team captain has to check in with Team WAMBA on the Discord channel.

When the Activision servers are going down during a round, and all the participants of the tournament are getting kicked out of the round, the specific round of that match will be played again.

When the connection is lost, the round will be restarted.

Should an individual or team disconnect on purpose mid-game on more than one occasion he or she may be disqualified from future matches.  This includes tactical lobby exits and this will be treated as serious foul play.

It is allowed to change your team i.e. make substitutions during the tournament but not during game nights.

In the event a team gets removed from a lobby a ghost score will be assigned. The ghost score will be their average score in that particular game mode.  i.e. if a team gets removed from a Plunder lobby the score assigned will be average of all Plunder points received previously and after.  For further clarity should an entire team get kicked from plunder the score attributed will be the teams average Plunder points tally for rounds played before and after that section of the tournament.  Should a team not have played any Plunder rounds previously the average will be assigned retrospectively.  For this reason Team ghost scores are subject to fluctuation to give an accurate reflection on team capabilities.

In the event players get removed from a team in a Most Kills lobby a ghost score will be assigned.  This score will be the average of that particular players performance in previous rounds of that game mode.

In the event players get removed from a team in a Plunder or Survival lobby due to the scoring nature of these game modes no ghost score will be assigned.

If one or more players does not show up for his or her team, teams may play as a trio or duo.

Team size required to enter the tournament will be a minimum of 4 players.

Cross play enabled across all game modes


All team captains must notify MAMO Gaming of the score after finishing the game.

All players are encouraged to take a picture of the result. This photo should contain: the score and the gamertags.

Team Captains need to report the scores within ten minutes after the end of the match.

Players disputing a match score must have a picture to evidence their claims.

 When the score of the teams does not match there will be an investigation. Once the investigation has been completed the decision about what score is awarded ultimately rests with MAMO Gaming. We take conflict seriously and want to provide the best experience for all of the players.

If someone deliberately passes the wrong score, the player or team in question may immediately get excluded from all MAMO Gaming.

When there is no MAMO Gaming admin present at a match conflict, the solution to the conflict between two participants will be postponed until another admin will be online.

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