Avatar: The Last Airbender coming to console?


An official console RPG and MMORPG based on the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender are reportedly in development. The franchise has grown over the years having seen a variety of media, including comics, a live-action adaptation of Avatar on Netflix, spin-offs, and video games developed by third party companies. These third party-developed video games have generally received mixed review scores.

The last video game developed with the Avatar license was a set of Legend of Korra-based adventures published by Activision in 2014.

Avatar News, has shared details about an ATLA console RPG and an Avatar MMORPG in development at an undisclosed game studio in collaboration with Paramount’s Avatar Studios. According to the reports, “these have been in development in secret for a pretty long time now, and they’re coming… much sooner than you think.”

There’s no clarity however on which platform or console will run the MMORPG version of the game although there are vague descriptions of what the RPG could look like. For instance there are reports that the RPG “could end up overlapping with other similar action-adventure genres to varying extents.”

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